Presentation of the 2017 edition

From the march to the encounters

On april 22, 23, and 24 have taken place the  International GMO resistances encounters (RiR GMO). Eleven countries from Africa, Europe and South America were represented and they have received the support of countries from Asia and Oceania. These encounters were rich in exchanges of all kinds and were the cradle of a real will for an international convergence concerning the fight against GMOs as well as the building of alternate solutions such as agroecology and food sovereignty.
It was on that occasion that were erected the basis for the African front for food sovereignty (Fasa).

Actions against Monsanto were also lead during the 2016 RiR GMOs in Ouagadougou. The multinational is already established in Burkina Faso via its BT coton and was planning to introduce other seeds like corn. Today, as the culture of BT coton was successfully stopped, other types of genetically modified seeds like corn or niébé are ready to come out of the laboratories, the civil society of Burkina proved that against the ongoing GMO conquest in Africa, a resistance is possible.

At the end of the year 2016, an international dynamic was ignited in Burkina Faso. Born from a national struggle in Burkina against the dictatorship of agrochemical multinational companies, it made connections with the movement brewing in The Hague in october: the International Monsanto Tribunal and the Peoples’ assembly. It is going to grow and strengthen by moving to Europe. On april 28, 29 and 30th 2017 will take place in Lorient, Brittany, the second RiR GMOs.

Gathering the five continents in Lorient

The last major international anti-GMO gathering took place in The Hague with the International Monsanto Tribunal and the Peoples’ assembly on october 14, 15 and 16th. Before and after the second RiR GMOs in Lorient, plenty of international events will take place such as the International day for peasants’ struggles, each year on april 17th, organized by the international peasant movement La Via Campesina.
From april 19th to 22nd it will be the Olympic Seed Festival’s turn, organized in Greece by Peliti Alternative Community.
On may 20th, in dozens of countries all over the five continents, men, women and children will march against Monsanto, Bayer and the whole criminal agrochemical bunch.

The 2017 RiR GMOs fit in this struggling dynamic. Its organizers call out for an actual connections of these events. These three days aim at being the continuity of the Ouagadougou encounters.
The work and the thinking process that will take place there will base themselves on the final declaration from the 2016 RiR GMOs. By lack of time, money and also because it was a first edition, all the invited countries could not make it to Burkina Faso.
For the 2017 RiR, thanks to that first experience, thanks also to a greater amount of time and of pre-established relationships, we can  plan on gathering in Brittany representatives from North and South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and of course from several european countries.

Towards an active convergence

The Lorient encounters will continue the work started in Ouagadougou and want to inspire themselves from the dialogues that took place in The Hague during the Peoples’ assembly. They proved that our struggles and resistances as multiple as they are can converge.
During these 2017 encounters, we hope that precise objectives will be defined and that a strategy will be shared and also that a permanent and effective coordination will be settled down.
Thanks to our strong diversity, acknowledging our differences and determined before the threat of GMOs, let’s meet in Lorient on april 28, 29 and 30th 2017 to build together the resistance and the alternatives.

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